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Specification of Building Security Nets

Sell Building Safety Net

Gunasejahtera Dewata Shop Sell Safety Net Building to hold small items that fall in the project area to avoid falling down, from the top floor, we also work according to needs / orders, as well as mines or holes and sizes. We follow the request, if you or mother needs please contact us. Building Safety Net is a safety net that stretches horizontally with a border rope drawn through a border snare. Deployed to catch people when it is impossible to immediately prevent a fall. The Building Safety Net, for example, is used to catch people who work under the roof of the hall and in bridge construction.

We Sell Building Safety Net, there is no doubt that they play an important role in providing a safer work environment for those who work at height. The Building Safety Net minimizes the height and consequences of falling by providing a gentle landing for the feller by stretching it in a controlled manner, thus minimizing injury.

There are two main reasons why the Building Safety Net proved to be very successful in a short time; first, they offer collective protection which is one of the options in the Work proposed in the Height Regulations. For example, nets, barriers and safety fences provide collective protection and are usually installed by competent specialists who must surrender safe areas when completed. This means that once the system has been installed and delivered in this controlled manner, everyone who operates at an altitude in the area is protected.

Second, the Building Safety Net provides passive protection which means that individuals operating in dangerous areas do not have to do anything personally to be safe. For example, a roof worker using a harness is not safe to work at an altitude until he has a armor. He also needs to ensure the harness has been inspected and recorded in the past three months and has not been damaged during normal use which can affect its performance in the event of a fall. Those who manage this individual must provide appropriate training and implement steps to ensure the harness is used correctly.

A question that is rarely discussed (maybe ignored) is "what will the roofer put on the lanyard?", And he is competent to make judgments about what is or is not reliable. The use of harness minimizes the consequences of falling, they do not minimize the height at which a person can fall.

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